Our Programs

Funding Ghana Graduates

AGSD-GH is partnering with Funding Ghana Graduates (FGG). This is a separate initiative to raise capital through a high profile crowd sourcing website. Funds will be applied to approved projects submitted by graduates and undergraduates. AGSD-GH  and FGG will work closely to develop networks of public and private donors for the FGG program, and for other youth programs

AGSD-GH – GANAFIX Cement Partnership

GanaFix Cement is a tile adhesive manufacturing company that has partnered with the AGSD-GH  to help create opportunities for its members. As part of the agreed packages, members of AGSD-GH can apply to be distributors or sales/marketing representatives of GanaFix Cement to gain an income.

Kindly call 0243 7659 58 to apply to be a distributor or sale/marketing representative.

AGSD-GH Stakeholders Meeting

Ghana is struggling with a high rate of youth unemployment and AGSD-GH  sees it as a responsibility to help find solutions to this problem. We have therefore decided to embark on a stakeholder’s tour to get an opportunity to know the thoughts of the various stakeholders on the present situation, after which ideas can be shared to bring about a lasting and practical solution. At the end of this stakeholder tour, we will come out with a comprehensive report that we believe would offer more insight into the unemployment challenge in our beloved nation.